The Lead Developer conference is programmed with a combination of invited speakers and successful applications from our call for proposals.

If you're interested in speaking, our CFP is open until November 5: find out more and apply. In the meantime, meet our invited speakers below.

Taking pain away from oncall

Oncall duties are high in the list of things developers dislike doing the most. And there’s a reason for that. Oncall work can be tedious, and can also be very time consuming for people in teams. In the worse cases, it can literally keep people from sleeping.

Many engineering teams though fail into taking an engineering methodical approach at defining what a good oncall rotation looks like, so they could focus on reducing the burden of being oncall for their software stack.

In this talk, Fernanda will share her experience working in production systems for over 10 years, and share principles and practices on what can make oncall much less painful to the people doing it. Applying some of those principles and practices, you’ll be able to get your oncall under control, and have a happier and more productive team as a result, focused on the long term projects instead of fire-fighting.

Fernanda G Weiden

Fernanda G Weiden

Director, Production Engineering – Facebook

Being right is only half the battle

True or False. Zero or One. Computers are viciously black and white in their logic.

Humans, on the other hand, are messy — Emotional, forgetful, biased and opinionated. Convincing one person can be hard. Harder still is having influence over a team, especially when you need to manage the implicit authority (or lack thereof) your title may afford you.

That’s the key: the growth of your career, whether as an individual contributor or a manager, will be dictated by your ability to drive impact at increasing scale.

In this talk, learn to capitalize on your interpersonal connections within your workplace to drive consensus, to optimize your time and efforts while selling your ideas to others, to reduce surprise to help you achieve your goals, and to build a strategy that can be bought into by other leaders and executed on by your team without you having to micromanage the process."

Rod Begbie

Rod Begbie

Engineering Manager – Dropbox

Scaling yourself during hypergrowth

When Julia Grace joined Slack 3 years ago, the company had fewer than 100 engineers. It’s now at more than 500, and her own team grew from 10 to 100 people in 2 years. Julia shares tips and stories from the leadership front lines as she learned how to rapidly scale herself and her leadership team during a period when her job was substantially changing every six months.

Julia Grace

Julia Grace

Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering – Slack


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